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Perseguido por el Rayo - REMIXES
A listing containing DJ remixes of one of my most Pegasus "robotic˝ tunes, Perseguido por el Rayo (Hunted by the flash).
Over the years a few known (and not so known) DJs remixed and published my tune with their own mixes.

NOTE: Some DJs requested previous authorization to do the remixing, not everyone did it… pity!
Authorized remix done by Peggy Gou and produced by DJ-KICKS (K7) on her 2019 record. Ref: K7382CD
Authorized remix produced by Frigio records on her 2018 record. Ref: Ecdisis Vol 1. (FRV028)
UNAUTHORIZED remix done by some DJ called Mr.Beatnick… go figure!

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