Stressless fretless... ;)
This is a "legacy" record, a collection of musical ideas that over the years have remained at the bottom of an "invisible drawer", a corner full of old photos and travel "postcards" which, forgotten, surprise me to be found while preparing this album of memories that I want to present to the people I love.
The tunes, melodies, kind of “postcards” which were never revised nor recorded with Pegasus.
Digipack CD including a 12 pages booklet with my personal notes.
As always, done with the help of some great friends, guys having stars in their heart and music in his hands…
Raúl Cuevas, Eric Grau, Eva Manzano, Agustí Mas, Jeroni Pagan, David Palau, Pablo Posa, Lluís Vidal.
I hope the "postcards" here contained will please you.
10.00 €
Purchase instructions: On the PayPal payment page you can choose to pay with your PayPal account or specify your email and pay with credit card. YOU DO NOT NEED TO CREATE A PAYPAL ACCOUNT. CD is sent by certified mail on a protected bag.
A few samples…please turn up your volume!
  1. Andrea To the people who really cares!
  2. Maria (The traveller)
  3. Bad times coming
  4. Sufi's slow turn

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